Monday, October 09, 2006

Public Meeting

This is to announce LOK SATTA PARTYs public meeting.The where and when are as follows:

When : October 15th (Sunday) 2006

Where : Exhibition Grounds,Nampally,Hyderabad.

At : 16:30 hrs (4:30 pm)


The birth of Lok Satta Party

Citizens of India,
The Lok Satta Party was launched on October 2nd 2006.Lok Satta the NGO accomplished a great deal in its nine years of existence.But the changes required to really transform India are possible only when the 'powers that be' have the will to implement the logical and practical solutions proposed.Unfortunately,they either don't want to or cannot afford to.Hence arose the need to form a political party of the people.

We present below, the Preamble of the Constitution of the Lok Satta Party.

'Indian people have enjoyed, over the past fifty six years, the fruits of a liberal and noble Constitution given to us by the generation that fought for freedom. The foundations of our democracy are strong and durable and our liberties are genuine.

However, the bulk of the people still suffer from the burdens of discrimination by birth and inadequate opportunities and their potential remains unfulfilled. Avoidable suffering is the lot of the majority of our people. The young people who today constitute a vast majority of India, have hardly any place in our public affairs. Our antiquated political culture does not suit the aspirations of the new generation which is unburdened by the baggage of the past and is rearing to conquer the future.

Politics has increasingly become the preserve of a new class of entrepreneurs abusing public office for private gain. Excessive centralization, ineffective instruments of rule of law, marginalization of citizens in governance, autocratic political parties and unaccountable exercise of power have led to a perverse political culture and pervasive corruption. In our power-centered politics women continue to be marginalized. The disadvantaged sections who need high quality and reliable public services most, have no real power to determine the priorities of government or improve the outcomes. The middle classes, who should constitute the vanguard of a democratic polity, are increasingly alienated from the political process.

The need of the hour is to foster a new political culture and to create a new political formation for the new generation. The new political culture should be founded in our own liberal traditions and Constitutional values. These values should find expression in a member-controlled, democratic, transparent political process. There must be a harmonious reconciliation between the imperatives of rapid economic growth and the need for social justice and equal opportunities to all. Liberty and human dignity should be preserved and promoted at all costs and the citizen should be at the heart of the political process in the twenty first century.

In the twenty first century we need to build a society completely free from all forms of discrimination by birth and all vestiges of the pernicious caste system. All power should vest with the citizen and governance should be decentralized and restructured, based on the principles of citizen sovereignty and subsidiarity.

Corruption and private gain at public cost must be things of the past and all processes of governance should be transparent and accountable. The state needs to focus on creating conditions for peace and order, opportunities for fulfilling human potential and preventing avoidable suffering and wholesome and sustainable economic growth coupled with social justice. Politics must once again become a moral endeavour promoting human happiness and harmony.

It is with this vision and with a view to rejuvenate our republic and promote inclusive politics and reasoned public discourse that we, like-minded citizens of India, have decided to come together and form a new political formation - Lok Satta Party.'

We urge each and every Indian citizen to watch and gauge us by our actions.Pessimism is expected,afterall,it is a result of the pandemic rot in our political system.We are but a manifestation of your desire for a change. JOIN US!